My last book “Ka_r_masutra” (Italian version, Kimerik Edition 2018) on Mondadori Store

The winner of the 1st prize in the elliptical section of the Leandro Polverini Poetry Award (Rome – Anzio, Italy 2018).

From my interview for “Parlamidite” (Italy, 2018):

“(…) The book ‘Ka_r_masutra’ came to life in a completely unexpected way in the year 2017, but some of the lyrics saw the light in the last months of 2016. After a series of previous books dedicated to a theme of civil imprint, I decided to “change course”. I took inspiration from a play on words and I combined the terms “kamasutra” and “karma”, to form a neologism ‘Ka_r_masutra’: from desire, from eroticism, from carnal passion to karma, to the destiny of a woman and every common mortal. From physical ardor to spiritual reflection. The starting point of the entire collection becomes primordial sin and the serpent. His almost biblical journey continues on the pages of the book, leading the reader into the depths of the often extreme sensuality, of the physicality he fights with every prejudice, touches on the taboos but, at the same time, is never without deep reflections on the essence and on the morality of the human being. ‘KA_R_MASUTRA’ is a journey that plummets towards the end of each time, the book ending with “18 cries of love “- 18 texts of a more intimate nature, very cathartic, poems written in a language inspired, at times, by the stylistic movement of the Terminal Realism (…)”

Good reading to interested persons!

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